Self management of timetable anomalies? With GoPlanner TIME you can!

We've released a new feature for managing anomalies!

It’s a new anomaly management feature that helps simplifying employees attendance and recording and permanently solving the problem of lack and late clocking in and out, making the process more efficient by reducing the waste of resources and time.

This new function allows employees to self correct them forgetting clocking in and out through easy and intuitive commands from their time card board. The employees can select absences, sicknesses or holidays icons to justify absences or even add an unrecorded presence.

This solution empowers the employees and allows early intervention in identifying anomalies. In addition, it offers a greater transparency and ease of management by reducing the need to involve other human resources in the manual entry of missing time sheets.

Whenever the employees correct their anomalies, HR can view and approve the change. The system keeps track of each single log.