Secure access for the Court of Trieste

The project of a COVID-19-proof access control system in a high-traffic facility

To manage the flow of a large number of internal and external people, some corporations need to equip themselves with customized access control systems. This happens with public administration buildings and large companies, where the focus on access security goes along with a careful choice of turnstiles and other accessories. Value and limits of the buildings involved and the need for installations in outdoor spaces are also to be considered.

These are complexes projects requiring careful analysis and constant customer support, from site survey to installation, commissioning and after-sales service. 

Products choice

GoPlanner Access and GoPlanner Visitors Softwares, delivered in the cloud, were combined with a careful selection of hardware products: turnstiles, gates and terminals were chosen according to the specifics and needs of each venue.

Here below you can find a detailed list of the chosen products:

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