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GoPlanner® ACCESS

The advanced cloud software solution for access control and automatic identification management

GoPlanner ACCESS is the most complete software for controlling entries and exits within your Company.

Equipped with Android and iPhone App, it can be integrated with access control devices such as turnstiles, automated gates, surveillance cameras and video intercoms.

cloud or local server management
Android and iPhone app
surveillance cameras
automated turnstiles and gates
video intercoms and people counters
badges, QRcodes and barcodes
facial recognition
badges and contactless RFID tags
fingerprint entry

GoPlanner ACCESS is certified
by the National Cybersecurity Agency

GoPlanner ACCESS allows you to manage accesses to specific areas. It’s compatible with automatic identification technologies and hardware devices such as Zucchetti Axess, Impinj or HID terminals, Vigilate, Hikvision or AXIS license plate recognition cameras and beacon tags with standard communication protocols.

Areas and locations

Create business areas and locations, then connect them with access devices


Configure turnstiles, physical barriers, cameras and automated checkpoints


Manage privacy, corporate disclosures and signatures for access authorization


Receive real-time notifications and view the entry-exit log

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Improving corporate security and simplifying access management is easier than you may think, and the costs are affordable.

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