Frequently Asked Questions

GoPlanner is a suite of software products designed for human resources management, access control and buildings connected to IoT sensors’ management.

This platform provides solutions for attendance tracking, access control and visitors entrance, maintenance workers and suppliers in the company, as well as for construction site management and facility management. 

GoPlanner offers different modules to meet the needs of clients and  customers: 

ACCESS: the access control solution enables efficient and secure management of access to company premises, allowing customize access rules for each employee. 

TIME: the employee attendance management module, featuring advanced functionalities for shift scheduling, vacation and leave management, time bank management and more. 

VISITORS: for managing guests and external personnel, automating reception activities and visitors tracking. 

FM: the facility management module that efficiently manages company assets, supervising maintenance activities and plans interventions. 

SAFETY: the construction site management solution that oversees the work progress, manages resources and materials, and tracks costs.

PICK IT UP: the smart locker or intelligent cabinet for storing documents and valuable items, remotely managed by our software.

The modules in the GoPlanner suite provide several benefits to the companies using them, such as: 

  • Simplification of human resource management and access control activities
  • Automation of guest reception and tracking tasks
  • Platform customization according to the specific needs of the company
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy in employee attendance management
  • Monitoring of use of resource maintenance activities

All software modules include customized support and assistance by the GoPlanner – Infordata Sistemi Srl team. 

Cloud management is replacing on-premises solutions more and more. This is because of undeniable following benefits it offers: 

  • Making processes more efficient
  • Optimizing company time and resources
  • Reducing costs
  • Document digitisation for employees and suppliers
  • Accessing data anywhere and at any time from any desktop or mobile device
  • Having a modular and scalable system 
  • Having an open system to be integrated with third-party software
  • Receiving automatic software updates
  • Receiving immediate assistance
  • Hosted on our certified and controlled servers (ISO 27000). 

GoPlanner is highly customizable and can be tailored for each company’s specific needs. The platform offers a wide range of configuration functionalities and customization options, allowing you to define access rules, manage employee attendance, monitor resource utilization and much more.

Moreover, GoPlanner’s support team is always available to provide customized support and assistance. 

For more information about GoPlanner and its modules for human resources management, access control and building management, you can fill out our contact form.

The GoPlanner team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with more details about the software and services offered. 

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