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The complete software suite for managing human resources, procurement and access control with buildings connected to IoT sensors

Discover how GoPlanner can improve the security and operational efficiency of your company.

A suite of 6 scalable and integrable softwares for access control, presence detection, visitor management, construction sites and facility management.

The software that tracks people and vehicles entering the company, allowing only authorized access

The App that optimizes human resources with the management of schedules, shifts, attendance, and employee activities

To manage and automate activities related to reception, tracking of guests, and external personnel

The Facility Management platform that allows controlling and planning maintenance in buildings

The construction management software designed to optimize document management and workers‘ activities

The intelligent locker that securely stores documents, valuables, keys, and other objects, remotely managed


Easy. Intuitive. Ready.

Customizable Dashboard

Choose data and functions to display on the main screen [all versions]

Employee Calendar

Assign shifts and manage absences with daily, weekly, and monthly views [GP Time]

Clock-in with App and Badge

Monitor real-time entries and exits of employees, visitors, and suppliers [GP Time]

Different business realities require customized solutions

From presence detection to access control for employees and visitors, maintenance personnel, and suppliers within the company, to construction site management and facility management, we support everyone.

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