GoPlanner® SAFETY

Easy management of workers' access and shifts at construction sites

GoPlanner SAFETY is the right software for simplifying human resources management at construction sites and increase the level of safety

With its many functions, including access and shift management, attendance and absence management, leave and vacation management, skills management, and much more, you can easily manage your construction site:

  • plan team work
  • manage internal workers and subcontracted external firms
  • monitor workers attendance in real-time across different construction sites
  • control access to construction sites
  • verify personnel documents and highlight any expirations
  • use worker badges for automatic PPE dispensers
  • manage safety training and electronic record of PPE deliveries
With GoPlanner SAFETY everything becomes easy and fast!
cloud or local server management
shift planning and team work
proximity ID badge
attendance and absence monitoring
document and deadline verification
export for payroll software

GoPlanner ACCESS è certificato
dall’Agenzia per la Cybersicurezza Nazionale

GoPlanner SAFETY is user-friendly and customizable to meet your needs. It’s also available on a mobile version, allowing you to manage the construction site from anywhere.

Clock-ins and clock-outs can be recorded using fixed terminals set up at the construction sites (both online and offline) or with mobile terminals provided to site managers or site keepers. We recommend SmartTap or standard smartphones with NFC capability.

In compliance with the Bersani-Visco law, we provide employees with a customised proximity badge, which can also be used as an identification badge. 

Calendar and shifts

Shifts, scheduled absences, sickness, vacations and permits

Workers badges

Identification and proximity tag

List of absentees

Immediately visualize who is not on the construction site


Manage travel and expense reimbursements

Don't wait, optimise project and worker management with GoPlanner SAFETY

Find out how our software can help you manage human resources more efficiently and increase the level of safety on your construction site.

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    GoPlanner SAFETY interfaces with a several access control and worker attendance devices, which we can provide you a complete solution.

    On our websites we offer a wide range of turnstiles, automatic gates and doors, RFID readers, biometric and magnetic readers, badges of all types, cards and accessories

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