GoPlanner® PICK IT UP

The modular smart locker for safe delivery, pickup and storage of goods and documents...and even meals!

Have you ever wondered how to automate deliveries, custody, and pickups of documents, assets, keys or other valuables?

There’s an easy, trackable and secure way: use GoPlanner PICK IT UP and its smart lockers.

Imagine having a master column with modular lockers, all remotely controllable through a central server. You can authorize different people with different access levels to use and manage the lockers, all in complete safety.

Access is available through a password or PIN set by the user, or by using the deposit slip with barcode or QRcode, cards, RFID tags, your smartphone or advanced systems such as biometric recognition.
And payment is possible with banknotes and POS

cloud or local server management
scheduling of deliveries and pickups
opening with QRcode, PIN or mobile token
biometric recognition
export for major software
email and sms notifications

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GoPlanner PICK IT UP is designed to remotely control and manage Smart Lockers of different kinds for very different needs, from securely delivering documents to picking up heated meals.

Users can deposit or pick up items by opening the locker using a variety of methods: passwords or PINs, RFID cards or tags, barcode or QR deposit receipts, smartphones with tokens and advanced systems such as facial and fingerprint recognition

Main functions of GoPlanner PICK IT UP


available 24/7 by accessing the locker with the preferred password type


securely stores documents, goods and tools of all kinds, even in refrigerated or heated environments


with no time constraints or concierge requirements, the package can be retrieved only when it is actually available

Practical applications

We hope this section will help you better understand the issues related to software

More and more workers are required to use corporate devices, terminals, portable receipt printers, tablets, very expensive tools, or simply a notebook to perform their tasks.

Sometimes these tools are given exclusively to an employee but this is not always the case or not always a choice.

Thanks to a smart locker system like PICK IT UP, it is possible to easily manage the storage and custody of these tools, making them available to all operators who need to use them.

Many sensitive documents need to be received and withdrawn securely to be available only to the right people.

With a smart locker, only authorized personnel will be able to deposit and/or withdraw documents from them, automatically identifying themselves. 

The use of smart working as well as the use of layoffs have reduced a lot the flow of people in and out company canteens and making hard their scheduling and the number of customers uncertain.

Thanks to new temperature-controlled smart food delivery cabinets, meals can now be delivered directly to the company without the risk of queues and congestion. 

Corporate welfare generates direct benefits for workers and indirect benefits for the entrepreneur who can get tax breaks.

Make a Smart Locker available to all your employees to pick up purchases made online quickly and easily and you’ll make them so happy. 

Not having a fixed location does not mean that you cannot leave your items or tools waiting to be reused.

Thanks to our Smart Lockers everything will be kept in complete safety.

To improve the effectiveness of pharmacy staff and customer satisfaction, a smart locker can be adopted for delivery of reserved medications, creating an automated pickup location.

By doing so, you can reduce queues, waiting times and the work of pharmacists at the counter.

Simplify the collection of medical documents by avoiding unnecessary waiting times and extending hours of availability.

Condos with no concierge? No problem for packages!

Online shopping is increasing every day, and deciding where to have your purchases delivered is becoming more complicated. Often you’re not at home when the courier arrives, and it’s not always possible to have packages delivered to your workplace.

The presence of a concierge is becoming increasingly rare, so it often happens you have to go to the courier itself to pick up the package or ask a neighbour for a favour.

PICK IT UP is simple and safe to use, and your privacy is always respected! 

Leave luggage stored in the Smart Locker for as long as necessary without involving anyone else.

GoPlanner PICK IT UP: let Smart Lockers boost your productivity and confort

Find out how to introduce the benefits of smart lockers into your business, office, store, pharmacy, shopping mall and even apartment building.

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