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GoPlanner® TIME

For tracking employees attendance and simplifying human resources management within the company

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Automate your employees’ attendance with GoPlanner TIME, the time-saving cloud software for human resources management.

Employees can clock in from their mobiles and send notifications via email, sms or push on Android and iOS Apps.

Thanks to these advanced features you can plan shifts, vacations and leave, smart working, manage time bank and much more.

cloud or local server management
clocking app for Android and iPhone
calculation of working hours and overtime
customized rules for attendance
vacations and scheduled leaves
automatic recognition of shifts
export for payroll management software
guided correction of anomalies
email, sms or push notifications on App

GoPlanner TIME is certified
by the National Cybersecurity Agency

GoPlanner TIME gives you full control over your employees’ attendance and can manage your company’s human resources efficiently and accurately.

For example, you can receive smart-working workers’ leave and vacation requests and manage them, as well as monitor timekeeping and onsite shifts in real time. 

Main functions of GoPlanner TIME

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No limit on the number of employees or hours to be managed. 

Full management of any kind of flexibility or time rules following the company specific regulations even on an individual employee basis.

Simple and intuitive weekly work schedule patterns management through a user-friendly interface.

Advanced work shifts scheduling on a calendar (monthly, half year or full year) with justification and absence management (leave planning, sickness management, etc.).

Simplified vacation and leave planning with authorization procedure.

Automatic attendance processing assigning attendance slips (such as ordinary, night or holiday overtime work, etc.) and absence (planned short leaves, sickness, debit hour bank, etc.).

The interface can be customised. Depending on the assigned role, the user has a different dashboard view and type of access.

Ability to manage daily and monthly flexibility, time recovery, come backs and time bank.

Set your company up to communicate with the most widely used payroll processing software, it extracts monthly reports to be sent to the payroll office for pay slips processing.

GoPlanner TIME processes time clockings by automatically creating attendance and absence data. Any anomalies (missed timesheets, tardiness, etc.) are reported.

Time-keeping monitoring can be set up as needed to verify the productivity of a specific employee, department or site.

It can be used with badge readers, smartphones or online.

Compatibility with iGuard, Zucchetti TMC, Giga Promag, Smart Tap.

With one software you can manage multiple sites of the same company with the convenience of having common statistics.


Research and statistics on employee attendance and absence

Absence calendar

Planned absences, illnesses, vacations and leaves


Employee records and document management


Manage the clock-ins and export them with just a few clicks.

Always one step ahead: optimize your employees' attendance management with GoPlanner TIME

Learn how our cloud softwares can simplify your company’s human resources management.

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