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Simplify guests and visitors welcoming processes within the company

Do you want to welcome your visitors easier and stress-free?

You need GoPlanner VISITORS, the customer visit management and visitor access control software allowing you verify access for all guests, both internal and external.

It’s easy and efficient. You will be able to:

  • Obtain a real-time list of visitors present within your company
  • View visitor master data, with filters for internal contact persons
  • Assign temporary badges to visitors and keep track of their activities
  • Export visitor data for integration with attendance management and other softwares
cloud or local server management
Outlook and Google Calendar invitation
access via QR code, PIN or mobile token
integrable with access devices
export for major software
email and sms notifications

GoPlanner VISITORS is certified
by the National Cybersecurity Agency

GoPlanner VISITORS is an easy-to-use and highly customizable cloud-based software that allows you to automate the management of guest, supplier and customer visits in any busines sector.

For instance, you can invite a customer by email and after accepting he receives a PIN, a QRcode or a smartphone token granting access and notifying you of the arrival at the company

Main functions of GoPlanner VISITORS

We hope this section will help you better understand the issues related to software
  • defining the types of external visitors (such as maintainers, consultants, patrons, guests) 
  • definition of additional fields for each type and related mandatory documents to be signed before the visit
  • submitting personal data
  • recording entry and exit 
  • external supplier database
  • printing disposable credentials and cards by user type
  • pre-registration 
  • visit set up
  • email dispatch 
  • notification to company contacts via SMS, email or call on visitor’s arrival
  • managed by the reception or by the kiosk 
  • badge retrieval and document delivery
  • authorisations and visit duration change
  • assignment and visitor cards reading
  • QR Code reading during pre-registration
  • data printing
  • delivery of disposable badges/data for company access
  • guest Wi-Fi communication
  • touchscreen totems 
  • RFID, QRcode and barcode readers 
  • card and card printers 
  • surveillance cameras and thermoscanners 
  • turnstiles and automated gates 
  • other access control devices
  • VISITORS can be enhanced and integrated with other programs in the GoPlanner Suite, such as ACCESS and TIME 
  • can also be interfaced with other third-party management software (SAP, MS Dynamics NAV, etc.).
  • attendance list
  • verification of document validity
  • electronic attendance management
  • notification module for unauthorized visits, open doors, unauthorized access attempts
  • video cameras and thermoscanners
  • access control
  • scanning of identity documents
  • sending emails with documents
  • acquisition of signature for acceptance of GDPR and acknowledgement of security regulations
  • recording entry and exit times
  • real-time reporting of external and internal attendees
  • visitor statistics

Welcoming visitors to the Company:
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