With a Smart Locker collecting medical records becomes so simple

GoPlanner PICK IT UP
for medical records pickup within health care facilities

Use of a smart locker for delivery and collection of documents containing sensitive data

There are many situations where a patient must go to a hospital facility to pick up a medical report or medical record.

The pick-up operation is not always quick, and it also helps to increase the presence of people in the medical facility.

Thanks to GoPlanner PICK IT UP, it’s now possible to simplify the delivery of any personal document and also to prevent people from staying longer than necessary in health care facilities while still expanding the hours of availability for pickup without committing facility staff.

Patients are notified by text message informing them the document has been lodged in the locker, they receive a dedicated password and can pick up the documents on their own.

This solution applies to facilities within the following sectors:

  • public and private healthcare
  • analytical laboratories 
  • polyclinics

and it’s dedicated to patients preferring  paper delivery of reports instead of online delivery.

The process is simple and it’s divided into 2 phases: deposit and withdrawal.

Deposit: The delivery persons, after identifying themselves with their details, activate the deposit function, enter the patient’s tax code and mobile phone number, place the documents in the selected box and close the door. When the box is closed, the locker sends an SMS to the customers informing them of the availability of the documents entered, reporting the collection PIN. The employee can also make other deposits for other customers in within the same session.

Withdrawal: The patients receive a “documentation available” message via SMS or email and the PIN for collection, they then go to the locker, have the RFID chip or barcode of the health card read and enter the PIN received to unlock the access to the box containing the documentation to be collected.
The related box opens up and the customer can collect the envelope. When the door closes, the box is available again for new deliveries.