Hardware and Software Technologies for Construction Site Management 4.0

Hardware and Software Technologies for construction site management 4.0

Join Infordata Sistemi’s free webinar to discuss GoPlanner SAFETY, the solution designed to optimize human resource management on construction sites and enhance safety levels

We will talk about:

  1. digital transition for site management
  2. planning the work of teams
  3. managing internal workers and external subcontracted firms
  4. monitor real-time attendance of workers at different construction sites
  5. control access to construction sites
  6. verify personnel records and provide reporting of any deadlines
  7. use worker badges for automatic PPE dispensers

During the webinar, we will introduce you to the software solution and hardware devices that make it possible to detect and process the presence of workers at various construction sites but also monitor their presence in real time inside or outside the construction site.

Speakers: Mitja Petelin and Marko Petelin