Need to manage your employees in smart working? GoPlanner Time is the solution!

Need to manage your employees in smart working?

The solution is GoPlanner Time

Agile working, also known as smartworking, has become an everyday reality not only in public administrations but also in private companies. It is conceived as an anti-contagious measure to protect workers’ health and as a tool for reconciling work and life time, child care.

With Decree-Law No. 52 of April 22, 2021, “Urgent measures for the gradual resumption of economic and social activities in compliance with the needs to contain the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic,” some provisions on agile work were extended.

In addition, in some Italian regions, through chambers of commerce, regions or other entities, facilities and non-repayable grants are provided for the purchase of technological equipment related to smart working. Among the solutions that can be financed are staff management software.

Our GoPlanner Time solution is ideal in this regard, because it facilitates the management of employees in smart working or on mission thanks to the function of remote time stamping with a smartphone or through a PC.