Designing the Access Control System of a Logistics Sector Company

Access control for a logistics company

360-degree system, fully customised to meet the specific needs of the involved sites

A good distribution structure begins with an efficient logistics organization. This is absolutely true for companies involved in goods distribution, where it’s necessary to supervise and track the employees work (by recording their attendance and activities) and coordinate work in different areas of the facility, from warehouses to offices, server rooms and vehicle access areas.

In the specific case of our client, an Italian company operating in the field of logistics, we have designed an automated access control system, combining GoPlanner Access and GoPlanner Time.

Products choice

GoPlanner Access and GoPlanner Time Softwares, delivered in the cloud, were combined with a careful selection of hardware products: turnstiles, gates and terminals were chosen in consideration of the specifics and needs of each venue.

Here below a detailed list of the chosen products:

Project implementation

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