Case Studies

Managing access to a Shipyard

A complete solution for employees and visitors access control for an important Italian shipyard The context A shipyard requested us a complete access control system to monitor the entry of: employees  regular external visitors (subcontractors, loyal employees, etc.)  non-regular external visitors (e.g., time-limited firms)  visitors and participants in specific events   […]

Designing the Access Control System of a Logistics Sector Company

Access control for a logistics company 360-degree system, fully customised to meet the specific needs of the involved sites A good distribution structure begins with an efficient logistics organization. This is absolutely true for companies involved in goods distribution, where it’s necessary to supervise and track the employees work (by […]

Access control for the Customs and Monopolies Agency

Access control for Customs and Monopolies Agency The project of an access control and visitors management system on a site requiring careful security An increasing number of companies come to us with the need to automate or renew their access control, by equipping themselves with a system for identifying and […]

Secure access for the Court of Trieste

Secure access for the Court of Trieste The project of a COVID-19-proof access control system in a high-traffic facility To manage the flow of a large number of internal and external people, some corporations need to equip themselves with customized access control systems. This happens with public administration buildings and […]